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Cyprus holidays are among the most popular in the Mediterranean, with more than 300 days of annual sunshine and a plethora of sandy beaches he island is a major magnet for UK holidaymakers. Most beach holiday firms include Cyprus in their holidays brochures and many holidaymakers fly out on last minute deals to catch the best of the bargains while others book early to bag the best hotels on the best beaches.

Cyprus lies just off the southern coast of Turkey at what, in ancient times, was the seafaring crossroads of Europe, Asia, and North Africa. This strategic position made it much fought over and there have been long occupations by Greeks, Turks and the British.
Cyprus has been a sovereign republic since 1960 although a large number of Greek Cypriots do live in the south. A Turkish invasion in 1974 split north from south and, although the political situation is still a hot potato, relations are now more relaxed if not yet resolved.
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Many Turks have moved into Northern Cyprus and it is fast growing beach holiday destination these days.
As the third largest island in the Med after Sicily and Sardinia, there is plenty of room for everyone and with plenty of cheap flights to Cyprus it is easy to get to at any time of the year.
The climate is typical south Mediterranean - long, hot summers and very mild winters, although winter snow can fall in the Troodos mountains.
The capital city, Nicosia, sits slap in the centre but all the other major cities are coastal. Cyprus beaches at Paphos, Limassol and Larnaca are on the south coast, Famagusta is to the east and Kyrenia in the north. The island is large and to make the most of a holiday, car hire is a must.
Cyprus is a top package holiday destination and there are many charter flights to the island. Whichever way you get there, Cyprus beach holidays remain among the most popular in the Mediterranean.

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