Famagusta Beaches

Since the Turkish invasion of Cyprus the original beach resort of Famagusta is a forbidden zone with notices to warn holidaymakers to stay away. But there is still plenty more to enjoy on this part of the coast, once considered the 'riviera' of Cyprus. Sandy beaches with shallow waters make for some ideal family holiday locations.

Maras Beach

Famagusta Maras1

Maras was a beach resort area and part of the beach is still open with crude fencing around the forbidden areas. You can walk along the beach right up to the fence and the ghost hotels, a freakish and salutary sight.

Palm Beach Hotel

Famagusta  Beach

This was just about the only hotel not to escape the Turkish invasion and its beach is just about the only one remaining in Famagusta itself. Soft sand and shallow waters sweep around the bay which is remarkable mostly for the sight of the Turkish occupied end of the town. Bleak, empty shells of hotels line the deserted beach beyond the barbed wired and warning signs

Glapsides Beach

Famagusta  Glapsides

About 4km north out of Famagusta is a sign for Glapsides Beach. This public beach is only 200 metres from the Bediz Beach and one of the busiest in the area. It is a long and sandy beach with shallow water way out from the shore. Facilities include a restaurant, bar, mini market, showers, sun loungers and dolphin rides. The beach is popular with young people and the air is filled with club music from frequent summer night dance parties.

Bediz Beach

Well signposted from every direction Bediz public beach makes a popular and pleasant stop for those who have walked around the extensive ruins at Salamis. It is a pleasant sandy strip with a restaurant, showers, sun lounger s and umbrellas.

Silver Beach

Famagusta  Silver

Silver Beach is another that is popular with visitors to the Ancient Salamis ruins and about 8km north out of Famagusta itself. There is a sandy beach that shelves gently in to the sea, making it very safe for children. A reef encloses a small lagoon which extends way past a cape before disappearing. Those who enjoy snorkelling can investigate the ruins of the submerged buildings.

Bafra Beach

Famagusta  Bafra

About 9km beyond the resort of Bogaz and just beyond the village of Mehmetcik is the relatively untouched beach of Bafra. Untouched for now, but two large luxury hotels have been built so it won't stay quiet for long presumably. It is a calm, quiet sandy beach with sun loungers and a pleasant restaurant.


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