Famagusta Facts

Visitors cannot travel directly to the city of Famagusta from south Cyprus as it is under Turkish occupation. To get there visitors must cross the Green Line buffer zone into the north (or the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus). The nearest place to do this is at the Strovilia crossing, near Agios Nikolaos, found just inside the British sovereign military base area.

Famagusta accommodation


Most visitors tend to stay in the resort hotels that line the bay and these are booked up by charter flights and tour operators. There are a few hotels inside the city walls and some have aircon and TV. Five star luxury hotels include the Palm Beach and Salamis Bay Conti Resort. There are hotels in surrounding resorts for those who prefer to be out of the city, notably at Bogaz and on the Karpas peninsula at Golden Beach and Turtle Bay

Famagusta restaurants

Most tourists in Famagusta opt for full board at the hotels fringing the shore but there is a wide selection of restaurants and bars along the sea front that are worth a visit. Cypriot, Arab and French cuisine is on offer and the further you venture inland the cheaper and better they get. Most of the larger casinos have restaurants and usually serve the best food. Food in Northern Cyprus may not be prepared to the same standards of cleanliness or hygiene as the south and the tap water is probably best avoided.

Famagusta entertainment

Gambling and prostitution are both legal in Famagusta and are the main forms of entertainment (if you can call either that). Famagusta largely looks like a war zone, with a bombed out buildings and fenced off streets which obviously limit your sightseeing. There are several casinos and brothels and other similar places. The casinos serve free drinks as long as you're gambling and many of the brothels have bars too. Illegal drugs are also said to be plentiful in Famagusta.

Famagusta travel

There are no buses in the city centre but this is not a problem as sights are all easily walkable provided you stick to the main routes and don't get lost in the maze of alleyways. Long distance buses use the Octobus Terminus on Gazi Mustafa Kemal Bulvan to the west of the centre with services to Nicosia and Kyrenia. Minibuses and service taxis use the alternative Itimat Bus Station near the large landmark statue of Ataturk to the south at Land Gate. There are regular minibuses to Nicosia and to Kyrenia. Ferries to Turkey dock at the port to the east and sail to Mersin on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. The trip takes about 12hrs. A few private taxi firms operate in Famagusta and fares are fixed. The taxi stand is near the Sea Gate.

Famagusta cash

The bank is in the main square opposite the Lala Mustafa Pala Mosque where there is an ATM. Exchange office are on nearby Istiklal Caddesi and often open late at night.
Famagusta phone numbers

Tourist centres: Fevzi Cakmak Buvlan 366 2864
Ferries: Turkish Shipping 366 5786
Airport: 2464 3000
Hospital: 366 2876
Police: 366 5310

Emergencies: 112

Police Hotline: 1460
British Bases Police: 1443
Hospitals: 1400
Forest Fires: 1407
Narcotics Helpline: 1410
Drug Unit: 1498
Domestic Violence: 1440

Police Famagusta: 23 803 030


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