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Holiday visitors to Kyrenia came come across the border from south Cyprus or fly in via Turkey. There is an airport in north Cyprus at Ercan International Airport but it is not recognised by most international airlines since Turkey invaded north Cyprus in 1974. Flights from the UK by Turkish Airlines land first in Turkey then fly on to Ercan.

Many holiday visitors to Kyrenia will fly into Larnaca International airport in the south of the island and cross the UN buffer zone into the north. You need a passport, visa and driving licence to do so if staying more than a day.

Kyrenia has a small port offering ferry services to Turkey with a sailing time of 2-3 hours. Main roads in the Kyrenia region are reasonably good but minor roads may turn to dirt tracks, especially near the UN buffer zone or away from the main villages.

Buses run between Kyrenia and many towns and resorts. Buses vary in size but most are small, white minibuses known locally as dolmus. Taxis are plentiful in Kyrenia and rural taxis operate in the larger villages .

Flights to North Cyprus

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Larnaca International airport is the main entry point for visitors to Kyrenia. The airport is about 7km from Larnaca city and there are regular bus services (No 22 and No 24) from the airport to the town centre from 6.20am to 7pm. Taxis are also plentiful.

You cannot cross directly into Kyrenia from south Cyprus. Instead, you must first cross the Green Line into the Turkish-occupied territory so you need passport, visa and driving licence.
If you choose a flight to Larnaca, you can either take a taxi transfer to North Cyprus, or take a rental car across the border.

Please note that you must tell your south Cyprus car hire company you intend to do cross the border as you will have to buy additional insurance.

All direct North Cyprus flights must first land in Turkey, and then continue on to Ercan International Airport in Northern Cyprus.

Over 90 flights a week arrive at Ercan, with the main airlines providing flights to North Cyprus being Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Cyprus Turkish Airlines and Atlas Jet. From the UK, you can fly to North Cyprus via Turkey from Stansted, Gatwick or Heathrow.

Most flights to North Cyprus from the UK arrive in the evening. The stopover in Turkey is not usually more than an hour, and you do not usually need to change planes when flying to Northern Cyprus with Cyprus Turkish Airlines.

Ferry services in Kyrenia

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There are several regular ferry services to Kyrenia, or Gime, from the Turkish mainland. There are fast ferries daily from Tasucu and Alanya in Turkey as well as a regular car ferry from Tasucu. The journey time is about 2-3 hours, depending on the ferry type.

In summer there are regular holiday boat trips some of Turkey's hotspots including Alanya, Antalya, and Anamur. The two main companies for sea ferries between Northern Cyprus and Turkey are Akgunler Shipping and Fergun Shipping. Details of Fergun ferries can be found at

Bus services in Kyrenia

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Roads are generally good but beware that place names do vary. Nicosia is also signposted as Lefkosia or Lefkosa and Kyrenia can be Keryneia or Girne. Most North Cyprus car hire firms are based in Kyrenia and hire cars all have distinctive red licence plates.

North Cyprus buses run between Kyrenia and other major towns daily with a reduced service after 7pm and at weekends. Each bus route is run by companies under licence and buses can vary in considerably size. Most are white minibuses (known locally as dolmus) and the destination is usually displayed on the windscreen.

It is common to flag buses down if you can't find a bus stop. Unfortunately there are no fixed timetables, even when services are infrequent. Tourist areas are well serviced in the summer but fall off in winter, especially in mountain areas so car rental is recommended. The long-distance bus station is on Bedredin Demirel south of the new town.

Kyrenia taxi services and car rental

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If you cross the border by car checkpoints are open at all times. You will need to buy extra insurance for your hire car and you must also have your driving licence with you, or you will not be allowed into North Cyprus. You must present your passport and visa application, car insurance papers, and your papers must be stamped if you don't want lengthy delays getting back.

If you try to take cigarettes, alcohol or expensive clothing across the border expect to face a long period of questioning and to have the good confiscated. It is also unwise to take details of North Cyprus properties across the border to the south, not even sales brochures. The Greek Cypriot authorities may question you.

Also, don't try to take a car hired in north Cyprus across the border to the south. If you wish to visit the south, park your hire car in North Nicosia and walk across the border.

Taxis are easy to find in Kyrenia, and operate meters. Rural taxis are only found at village taxi stands and don't have meters, so you must haggle the price first. You can also share a taxi to keep costs down.


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