Limassol gateway to Cyprus

Limassol, or Lemesos, is Cyprus' second largest city, its main port and fastest growing metropolis — the result is a clash of the old and the new that often surprises but sometimes disappoints. Limassol has the island's most important historical sites, its most notable old buildings and some of its ugliest suburbs.

Limassol may be second to Nicosia in size but it does have the country's main port, a huge military base nearby and a vigorous tourist industry.

The landscape around the city port is of rolling hills that slowly rise from the coastal area to the Troodos Massif in the north, a tamed wilderness and the highest point on the island.

Limassol  Govenor
Limassol  Apollo2

Many tourists on Cyprus holidays find Limassol a great base for exploring the rest of the island. There are plenty of opportunities to escape the main city tourist strip if you want to.

To the south of the Akrotiri Peninsula is a large salt lake, colonized by flamingos, and huge beaches that stretch just as far as the eye can see.

To the west is the 15th century Kolossi Castle and, overlooking the bay is Ancient Kourion, one of the best archaeological sites to be found in the Mediterranean.

To the east is the remains of the equally striking ancient kingdom of Amathous.

The British feel very much at home on Cyprus holidays — the result of many years of occupation, current sovereignty of the Akrotiri peninsular, and the presence of a large military base.

And Limassol's string of all-in luxury hotels, lining the shore's tourist strip, offer the sort of package that will appeal to all-in-hotel holidaymaker.


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